The constituency of RoCSIRT is represented by all the institutions connected to the network RoEduNet, the National Research and Education Network from Romania. Institutions that are allowed to connect to RoEduNet includes but are not limited to: universities, research institutes, primary schools, high schools, non-profit organisations, NGO, etc. Every institution connected to RoEduNet has free access to all RoCSIRT services.

ASN’s that transits RoEduNet network
RoEduNet is transited by the following ASN’s:  AS2614, AS3233, AS6693, AS9199, AS12356, AS12675, AS13210, AS16120, AS16220, AS20820, AS24839, AS25278, AS25304, AS39815, AS42142, AS43703, AS49437, AS49507, AS50940, AS50944, AS51098, AS57444.